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Generate uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and predict future trends in a wide range of industries and markets.

Nextatlas Generative trend forecasting

Say goodbye to time consuming methods

You can ask Generate about current and developing trends in natural language, and you will receive precise answers to your queries. The data used to generate the answers is constantly updated, enabling you to conduct real-time research that is highly customized to your question. This ensures that you receive only the information you truly need, without feeling overwhelmed by excessive amounts of data.

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The credibility of data: unleashing trustworthy answers

Our generative reports are anchored in the collective intelligence of over 300k cross industry innovators that we continuously crawl through all major social media platforms to find, ensuring that our predictions are grounded in truth. This guarantees that our 12 months forecasts are firmly based in reality and provide valuable insights for your strategy and foresight.

Create high-quality, tailored content with Generate and GPT-4

Generate leverages GPT-4's natural language generation capabilities, so that it can create high-quality, human-like content, such as blog articles, social media posts, and trend reports, which are tailored to specific industries and topics.

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